Is Your Hardware Supported?

Although not as problematic as in the past, hardware compatibility might still limit the adoption of Linux for some users. Historically, hardware compatibility (whether Linux would be able to use your PC/laptop and all its components like graphic card, screen, sound card, wireless/wired connectivity), and external devices such as printers, scanners, web-cameras, etc.) was an everyday issue.

Thanks to the effort of kernel developers, Linux today supports most modern hardware, yet it is best to be on the safe side, especially when it’s a first-time installation. In these articles, you will find some useful resources to make sure your system is fully compatible, before committing to the installation process.

After having learned about some basic concepts, and how to find information you'll need to gather whether you will be able to use your rig to its full potential, installation should be relatively painless, so sit tight, read through, and feel the power of knowledge fill you up, like nice cold beer fills up a glass.