Other Resources

For any and every other type of hardware, there are two major sources you can use to find out just about anything (as long as it's Linux or Debian related. If you have unusual or exotic hardware, you will surely need to search through these databases, but if you are running a more conventional rig, you might still want to check them out, if only for your peace of mind.

Debian Hardware Portal

There are many excellent, and detailed resources on the web that provide in-depth information about hardware compatibility, but this being a Debian tutorial, the first point of reference should probably be the Debian website itself. Debian has very extensive documentation, so checking their Hardware Portal will most likely be enough in itself, to verify your hardware’s suitability.

The full address of the Debian Hardware Portal is https://wiki.debian.org/Hardware


Linux.com is an obvious candidate for Linux related information, although at times it might seem a bit too technical for inexperienced users. Still, if you prefer a distribution-agnostic approach, that is, some links that refer to hardware compatibility pages for distributions other than Debian, or those that world regardless of distribution, this article has everything in one place, conveniently categorised by hardware type.

The full address of the article to hardware compatibility tips is https://www.linux.com/news/my-hardware-linux-compatible-find-out-here