Free (Libre) and Open Source Software

So there is free (that is also called libre to make sure everybody gets is), and there is Open Source. And these two cannot agree who’s got it right. And there you are wondering why drown the whole thing in politics? After all, both are right in their way, and while one applies more philosophy and is more mature, the other has a great basis as well and they do good things.

When the two groups both mean good, and they have a common “enemy”, why not stand together? Their differences can still be maintained, as in painting themselves different colours, wearing different clothes, and using different lingo, but a joint effort is surely better than bickering about details? (Although some of those details might as well be super-important.)

And here comes F(L)OSS, standing for Free (Libre) and Open Source Software.  Voilà. We have them both under one umbrella. And they have not yet killed each other. It really is that easy!

FLOSS, F(L)OSS, FOS, call it what you will, is just a name, but there is a lot more to it. It implies not taking either side but embracing both. Even Stallman acknowledges its legitimacy. So instead of bickering over who is better let’s work together, shall we?