Navigating The Pages

The Way of Debian is built using the flat-file CMS grav, and its excellent Learn2 Theme. This CMS/theme combination, with many useful plugins and modifications, are meant to enhance readability while making navigation easy and intuitive.

Page Structure

The pages' structure is rather basic. On the left side, you have a navigation bar, with a search field at the top (1). To the right is the content area (2 )

On the top of the content area, you will find breadcrumbs, to indicate where you are and further assist with navigation (3). On each side f the content area, there are pagination buttons (where applicable), so that you can easily flip through pages (4).

And in the center of the content area is... [drumrol]l ... [suspensful pause] ... [some more drumroll] ... the main content! (Yay!) Who on Earth would have thought...

Main page structure


The breadcrumbs are simple indicators of where exactly are in the document, allowing you to easily navigate up to parents and parents' parents and parents' parents' parents, etc., with a single click. They also show where exactly you are, what is the parent of the current page, and the parent's parent, and the parent's parent's parent, etc.

The dreaded breadcrumbs


The sidebar is a real asset when it comes to navigating through the many long and boring pages of this document, making it easy to find anything you are looking for within its structure.

The very top of the sidebar has a search field (1), underneath which the navigation items start. Titles (2), sub-titles (3), sub-sub-titles (4) and sub-sub-sub-titles (5) are but a click away.

Main titles are collapsible, and anything within will be marked with a read-indicator (6), once selected. The Clear history button (7) will clear all these indicators.

Sidebar structure

Bottom of the sidebar

On smaller devices, the sidebar will be hidden behind a collapsible hamburger menu.

Hidden sidebar


The search function is simple and most intuitive to use, making it really easy to find anything, even if you don't know where to look for it. Instead of giving you a list of results, a search will highlight any keyword(s) within the page, and in the menus, while limiting the available menu items to those that contain the keyword(s) you've searched for.

Search in action